Thought Leadership

Distribution Management: A Path to Maturity

Joint Report from PwC and Majesco

Distribution Management is no longer an organization silo but rather spans the distributor life cycle and focuses on empowering channel and sales teams. Carriers deliver value for their customers and clients through a combination of operations team members and hands-on relationship management with key distribution partners. The real value of Distribution Management transformation is dependent on a carrier’s ability to offer customers’ differentiating capabilities and climb a maturity curve to ultimately offer a best user experience.

Carriers have a significant opportunity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by stretching for capabilities higher-up on the maturity curve and using these capabilities to steer their transformation visions going forward.

Read this joint report from PwC and Majesco to better understand:

  • Each stage of the Distribution Maturity curve
  • Determine where they stand on the curve
  • Get advice on how to find, and move to, the optimal position for their company