Majesco Distribution Management

A powerful insurance distribution management platform that enables the creation and execution of innovative distribution strategies to optimize existing insurance distribution channels and expand to new ones.
distribution management software

Your insurance distribution strategy is an increasingly vital determinant of business success in today’s rapidly changing industry. At the heart of this are the fundamental changes in customers’ expectations and behaviors in how they shop for, purchase and service their insurance needs, across all lines of business.

In this ever-changing business landscape, insurers must rethink their insurance distribution strategy and execution; namely to one that uses a digital, multi-channel focus – from back to front office, and from an internally-focused business model to one that considers the distribution ecosystem – across the entire distribution network.

Majesco Distribution Management delivers the agility you need to manage the innovations and complexities of a changing insurance distribution ecosystem. It uses technology that keeps insurers on the leading edge, to improve speed to market for new compensation plans, distribution models and new channel partners, and to optimize existing channels through advanced, data-driven analytics. It has a highly configurable platform, market ready services, and an intuitive user interface that is easy to integrate with insurers’ core systems.

Majesco Distribution Management provides a robust distribution management platform for insurers’ business…today and in the future.

That is the power of Majesco Distribution Management.

Majesco Distribution Management Platform Capabilities


Optimized lifecycle management of diverse channels


Advanced channel performance data and analytics


Flexible, rules-based compensation management


Powerful channel user experience for producer self-service


Scalable to meet the most demanding volumes of producers and policies


Seamless integration with core systems

Majesco Distribution Management

Business Value Delivered


Speed to value


Rapid launch and integration of new channels and models


Optimized channels with greater data insights


Reduced distribution management costs


Enhanced recruitment and onboarding of top agents and channels


Enhanced producer experience and retention


Increased operational effectiveness

Westfield Insurance is dedicated to delivering superior and innovative service to our agents, enabling them to serve our customers, today and into the future. Our investment in Majesco Distribution Management represents our continued commitment to the agent channel.

Majesco Distribution Management provides a robust, modern platform to not only meet our current needs but is also geared to support fast evolving business requirements. An efficient distribution operation is at the core of RNLIC’s growth plans and we look forward to this partnership in effectively scaling up our distribution operation.

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