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Majesco CloudInsurer

A Business Platform for all insurers from greenfields, new start-ups and incubators to mid-market and tier one insurers to turn challenges into opportunities.

Majesco has honed years of insurance industry and cloud experience along with forward looking thought leadership into a highly innovative, out-of-the-box repeatable, scalable cloud platform with broad appeal for all insurers from greenfields, new start-ups and incubators to mid-market and tier one insurers.

A new future is rapidly unfolding within a high-pressure environment that is pushing proactive over reactive business and technology decisions. Each and every day, insurers must recommit to their business transformation journey and avoid falling into an operational trap or resorting to traditional thinking. If you want the power to run your business on a single platform, to innovate, create and manage the products and content you need to respond to shifting customer demands and market opportunities, and to extend your business with compelling digital and data capabilities … then you need the agility, innovation and speed enabled by Majesco CloudInsurer.

Business Value Delivered:

  • Launch pad for innovative business plans / business models.
  • Speed to value
  • Variable cost model with a pay as you go approach.
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Operational efficiency and economies of scale
  • Distribution channel flexibility and expansion
  • Capital optimization for business growth
  • Best practices to enhance business operations

Majesco CloudInsurer includes:

Core insurance software platform

Leveraging Majesco Policy for P&C, Majesco Billing, Majesco Claims.


Data driven analytics

Leveraging Majesco Business Analytics, Majesco Data Science and predictive models.

Majesco Partner EcoSystem

Prebuilt integration to extend Majesco solutions with unique capabilities.

Proactive Updates

Remain current and competitive with ongoing updates for regulatory, bureau and application.

Digital, multi-channel platform

Leveraging Majesco Distribution Management and Majesco DigitalConnect.

Asset-Based Capabilites

Robust ready to use content

Including ISO, NCCI and others to provide pre-defined base P&C commercial, personal and specialty insurance products to jump-start the business.

Extensive implementation and post production services

Optimize and maximize management of ongoing operations, platform, integrations and application support to maintain, expand and support your business strategies and plans.

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