Fall ’22 Release

Take Advantage of New Innovations with the Fall ’22 Product Release

With this release we are announcing limited availability of Health Check, Cloud Control, and API Management across our P&C, L&AH, Digital1st®, and Distribution Management offerings.

Receive an installation health score to ensure configurations, modifications, and version used is optimal for ongoing maintainability.

Keep current with key metrics including current and historical availability stats, business adoption metrics, and ServiceNow ticket status.

Access centralized API Management Portal – built on Azure API management – to browse, subscribe, and manage enterprise APIs.

Beyond the key cross platform enhancements Majesco’s Fall ’22 Release also features innovative product enhancements

P&C Core Suite

Get more efficiency for your team through integrations and solution management

  • Wizard-driven Configurator for system configuration
  • Smoother upgrades with our new Health Check
  • Reinsurance integration with FIS

L&AH Core Suite

Enhanced operational efficiency with improved process capabilities and configuration

  • L&AH Suite for Third Party Administrators, a secure Multi-tenant SaaS solution
  • Health Check Reports that provide insights into production readiness and smoother upgrades
  • Real-life event-based claims reporting using dynamic questionnaires
  • Use the industry standard LIMRA LDEx format for initial enrollment and ongoing changes


Launch of new personalized digital experiences for Agents and Enrollment

  • Deep customer engagement through increased services and collaboration
  • Digital employee shopping experience with advanced AI/ML and data driven insights

Data & Analytics

Improve underwriting profitability and lower ratio with AI-powered property risk insights and proactive detection of subrogation opportunities

  • Crucial property insights from similar risks
  • Replacement cost forecast
  • Automatic claims subrogation detection

Distribution Management

Build Efficiency into your distribution operations with Streamlined Onboarding and worry-free compliance

  • Pre-populated demographic details from NIPR
  • Automated approval of Mass Onboarded agents
  • NIPR PDB Alerts triggers notifications, and automated license add, update or termination


Leave-specific compliance updates, and enhancements to payment and benefits

  • Ability to prorate State Paid Leaves to either 5- or 7-day work week
  • Automated Retroactive Elimination Period for disability calculations separate from elimination period
  • Expanded absence time request reasons: time off prior to bone marrow or organ donation
  • Ability to reflect new claims reason on the date range

Loss Control

Review equipment inventories and conduct a single survey with all necessary equipment while on site

  • Equipment Breakdown capability
  • Public quick filters
  • Automatic injection of forms
  • Policy level surveys

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