API Management

Unified API Management

Carriers are rapidly embracing APIs as key connectivity levers for their enterprise business solutions. A unified API management tool is crucial to manage, monitor, access, provision and tend to a growing catalogue of APIs and their underlying applications and infrastructural components in an integrated manner. Rather than having to wait for us to process essential set-up activities, you can now self-service certain capabilities enabling agility, flexibility, speed, innovation, risk reduction, and interconnectedness.

API Management 

API Management (APIM) is a comprehensive platform for managing all APIs for Majesco Solutions. With three components to help browse, serve, and publish APIs, APIM provides a secure and scalable gateway to access thousands of Majesco APIs. Enterprise tools, API Store and API Administrator provide ability to discover and browse API specifications, orchestrate APIs to build and publish custom APIs as well as govern and monitor API usage for subscribers such as agents with intuitive tools. 

API Store

Browse and discover all Majesco APIs in one single portal with industry standard API specifications and ability to test APIs.

API Gateway

High throughput API Gateway to streamline API access between API consumer and Majesco Solutions for better governance, scalability, and security.​

API Administrator

Various API Administration capabilities ranging from user access, policies, subscription management and more. Built-in API orchestration tool to build and publish new APIs by orchestrating thousands of OOTB Majesco APIs.


Easily share real-time data and information across your organization with full access and observability of business API flows. 

100% Compliance 

Ensure 100% compliance adherence with standardized and secure API access.  

Scale on Demand 

Scale on demand with out-of-the-box Azure API management. 


What types of customers are benefiting from API?

We’ve seen the API-first mindset become embraced by a wide range of customers in the Insurance marketplace, from SME insurers to global Fortune 500 companies.

What is the overall benefit that customers can receive from an API platform?

Customers will have complete visibility into their API’s health, ability to seamlessly use and configure APIs to ease their systemic interactions, and ultimately, rapid & simplified access to their API environments. APIM is our value-driven commitment to our customers in this regard.

What is the future for Majesco’s API Management?

As Majesco moves forward in scaling our SaaS footprint, the company will continue to invest in APIM, providing both support for additional SaaS applications, as well as providing additional API creation functionality that will aid customers in maintaining their existing systems over time and setting them up for success to always be ready to focus on their big strategic initiatives.

The Future Starts With Majesco