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This is a continuing blog to provide updates on our industry-leading products. Over the next few months, we will continue to spotlight how Majesco is helping insurers achieve relentless innovation and meet the ever-changing market needs with an outside in approach.

With the ever-increasing breadth of Majesco product offerings and functionality it is essential that we have a vibrant forum where we can interface with our customers, not only as a place to provide product information, but also as a community for the exchange of ideas.

A Nexus for Majesco Products and Customers

At Majesco, we are passionate about our commitment to a customer centric approach to our products and services. It is for this reason that in July of 2020, we launched the Majesco Product Portal to provide our customers with fast and easy access to robust product information as well as insight to product roadmaps and future of insurance technologies that will expand and accelerate planning and use of Majesco solutions today and for the future.

Since then, the Product Portal has become a vital resource and point of engagement between us and our customers, which has expanded to nearly 3000 unique users. With this level of participation, our Customer Success department has been working tirelessly to keep resources up-to-date, while also working to improve processes and time service to support these customers.

Our customers love how the Product Portal provides fast and easy access to all of our major product categories through an easy-to-use dashboard allowing them to keep a pulse on the latest innovative technology and enhancements we are working on to create the future of insurance.

All of this plus a full suite of documentation and guides, makes the Product Portal one stop destination for the support and knowledge they need on our varied range of products.

Your Ideas, the Next, Now

And because our customers are the experts who use and experience our products on the front lines of the industry every day, feedback from them is imperative. It is for this reason we included an idea portal where customers and partners have been able to submit product enhancement ideas as well as vote for other’s ideas, they think are great. Since the Product Portal has gone live, we have received well over a thousand ideas and suggestions we are carefully considering, some of which will become your next, now.

If you haven’t yet joined Majesco’s Product Portal, there’s never been a better time than now. And it couldn’t be easier. Customers simply submit an access request here on our website by filling out a brief form and once the request is approved, they receive an email with instructions on how to get logged in.

Within the product portal, customers will have access to the latest information, including:

  • Product Roadmap – Visibility into the release schedule of new product features and capabilities
  • Idea Portal – Platform that allows customers and partners to submit ideas for product enhancements and to view and vote on enhancement ideas submitted by other customers
  • Majesco Technology Office – Future of Insurance Technologies – Thought-provoking articles and videos on technology and architecture from Majesco’s Technology Office
  • Release Notes – Information regarding enhancements and defect fixes included in each Majesco product release
  • User Guides – Step-by-step instructions on how to use Majesco’s products
  • Installation Guides – Step-by-step instructions for how to install and configure Majesco’s products
  • API Documentation – Full documentation of Majesco’s APIs including an overview of the API, authentication, response samples, and error handling
  • Product Certifications– Outline of the certified technology stack on which Majesco products should be deployed including recommended deployment topology
  • Performance Benchmark Reports – The latest performance benchmark reports for various Majesco base products
  • Security Assessment Reports – The latest Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test results for Majesco products
  • Infrastructure Sizing Guidelines – Usage-based recommendations for infrastructure settings (CPU, Memory) by product

Majesco’s products do not become great from one person’s singular vision. It takes a collaborative effort from a community of talented individuals all working towards a common goal, including our customers, the experts that use our products and help guide them into the future. The development of Majesco Product Portal reflects our passion and commitment to the success of our customers and is proving to be a vital link to keep them in lock step with all that we do. Thousands are already enjoying all that the Product Portal has to offer and helping to shape the future of technology. Won’t you join us?

About the author

Author Manish Shah

Manish Shah is President and Chief Product Officer at Majesco. In this role, he is responsible for management and development of innovative software products for the global insurance business and works on strategic directions for the company as a member of the leadership team.