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Reshaping the Distributor Insurer Relationship

A Survey of Independent Insurance Agents

Shifting customer expectations are creating a new need for new business models. As the current workforce ages, insurers are exploring new distribution strategies that can make up for the loss of skills, capitalize on trends, and implement the necessary cutting-edge business operations that can strengthen distributor and channel relationships.

With the emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, insurers can quickly match customers and agents, provide recommendations on best next steps, and align compensation and services where they will have the greatest impact. Much like the rest of the industry, independent agents are going through their own digital transformation and demanding new capabilities. Understanding agent’s perspectives on how they want to digitally engage with insurers is critical to succeeding both today and in the future.

This report, commissioned by Majesco and executed independently by Celent, is based on survey data of 231 independent agents to better understand how they prefer to interact with insurers across a broad set of activities.

Read this report to better understand:

  • Behaviors and perspectives of the independent agent
  • Current level of digital interactions by agents
  • The right mix of technology and processes to optimize distributor relationships