Thought Leadership

Navigating A New Era of Digital Technology and Customer Expectations

A Roadmap to the Future of Insurance: Program and Affinity Business

Digital technologies continue to reshape our lives, changing people’s behavior and expectations and demanding a connected, multi-channel customer experience that provides convenience, accessibility and value. The traditional B2BB2C affinity and program business concept is outdated as today’s consumer will look to buy insurance through groups such as Gig Economy groups, health and fitness organizations, larger retailers and more. The time for insurance companies to make a change is now.

Our latest report, A Roadmap to the Future of Insurance: Program and Affinity Business, based on joint research with PIMA, uncovers exciting growth opportunities for those willing to experiment with new products and build a partner ecosystem through affinity and program business.

Read this report to better understand:

  • Importance of creating new affinity and program business models to meet a broader customer need
  • Why innovative partnerships, ecosystem development and connections are gaining momentum
  • Need to embrace a strategic multi-channel approach to reach customers on their terms