Thought Leadership

Insurers Rewrite the Rules of Engagement as Opportunities Rise in Voluntary and Group Benefits Market

In Group and Voluntary Benefits, the employer has long been considered the customer. However, recent events and workforce changes have created an entirely new employment dynamic, where companies are fighting for talent and must ensure they are competitive not only in compensation but also in the benefits offered to employees.  With employers needing to please employees, Group and insurers and Voluntary Benefit providers need to look one layer deeper in the experience.

This new report Growth Opportunities in the Voluntary Benefits and Group Benefits Market is based on a series of executive roundtables held jointly by Capgemini and Majesco with insurance leaders and shines on a light on the changing workforce. Read this report to better understand:

  • Changes to the employee and employer relationship
  • Why insurers must rewrite the rules of engagement
  • How innovative technologies can help insurers stay a step ahead