Thought Leadership

360-Degree View of the Insurance Customer: An Approach to Customer Service in the Digital Age

Insurers must consider all dimensions of the customer experience to provide consistent and high-quality digital options for interactions across the value chain that can extend into new ecosystems to enable a broader customer experience. All investments need to consider the interaction with the policyholder. In essence, it comes down to enabling the required digital interactions to move beyond being ordinary transactions to become extraordinary experiences.

The notion of a 360-degree view of the customer has been around for many years and the subject of much discussion and activity within the P&C insurance industry. However, fully realizing the vision of “Customer 360” falls into the category of easier-said-than-done. And now, it is even more of a challenge due to the heightened new expectations set outside the industry.

Read this report to learn:

  • What a 360-degree view of the customer really looks like
  • The challenges insurers must overcome to deliver this experience to their customers
  • The three critical lenses insurers must use when designing and executing their 360-degree vision