Thought Leadership

A Rapidly Changing SMB Landscape

Growth Opportunities Grounded in Grit and Resilience

SMBs were hit hard by the pandemic. Many did not survive. Those that did rapidly changed their business models, products, services, and employment focus. As we continue to move forward, employers are now faced with retaining and recruiting top talent due to the “Great Resignation and Great Retirement”. They are dealing with supply chain challenges, inflation, climate risk, and either starting a new business or changing their business models digitally to produce and distribute products and services to a changing and demanding customer base.

Majesco’s recent SMB research shows heightened expectations among these businesses that are driving a demand for a new digital era of insurance. Read the latest report SMB Insurance Customers: Growth Opportunities Grounded in Grit and Resilience, to better understand:

  • Rapidly changing SMB landscape, business, and employment trends
  • Risk and insurance needs for business operations and employees
  • Implications and opportunities for insurance