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The Future of Distribution Management – A 3D View

The Future of Distribution Management – A 3D View

August 27, 2020

A New Digital Insurance Window for Agents and Brokers

While many insurers are focused on how they can develop next-gen products and modernize for flexible customer engagement, they shouldn’t take their eyes off of the sales and distribution process itself. The rapidly changing market boundaries are creating challenges and opportunities for insurers to reach customers in new ways. In this new and ever-changing business landscape, insurers must rethink distribution-related strategy and execution; namely to one that requires a 3D strategy - digital, distribution and data – to build, manage and optimize a multi-channel network —from front to back office.

With the proliferation of new channels and the consolidation of agent and broker channels, insurers must meet the unique needs of these diverse channels with more innovative, forward-looking channel management, compensation and on-boarding capabilities on a distribution management platform that brings digital, distribution and data to optimize and grow their business.

To better understand the vital role of distribution management platform strategy, this webinar will discuss distribution management and how these 3-D pillars, Digital, the core functions of Distribution, and Data through Majesco solutions of Distribution Management, Digital1st® and Data & Analytics is cohesively accelerating their journey to the Future of Distribution Management.



Denise Garth, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Majesco
Eric Bustos, Vice President, Digital 1st & Distribution Management Practices, Majesco
Dianne Aycock, Vice President, Administrative Operations, American Public Life Insurance Company
Craig Welsh, Chief Distribution Officer, Westfield Insurance