Strategic Priorities for 2019: Securing a Spot in the Future of Insurance

To those in the insurance industry, it probably feels like more change has been packed into the past 4 years than we’ve experienced in the past 10 or even 20 years.  The exploding number of startups and greenfields, along with the growing investment in InsurTech is a powerful indicator of this change…FinTech Global recently reported that there were 101 deals through Q3 2018 worth $2.5 billion, compared to just 40 deals worth $105 million in 2014.

More and more companies from both outside and inside the industry are moving to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are defining the future of insurance…Digital Insurance 2.0.

Where are incumbent insurance companies in their strategies and investments for their future and shift to Digital Insurance 2.0? Majesco recently completed its fourth annual Strategic Priorities survey, with insurers across all sizes and lines of business, to find out. The research uncovered what they know about the changes going on around them, what they are planning to do, and what they have already done in response.  This, coupled with our recent InsurTech survey, provides unique insights on incumbents’ strategies and investments compared to those of InsurTechs.

Who is well on their way to making the shift to the future of insurance?  Who might be left behind? Where is your company in this shift?  Watch this webinar to find out!