Strategic Priorities 2021: The Insurance Industry Shift Hits Hyper-Acceleration for Digital Business Models

For the past six years Majesco has conducted a comprehensive survey of insurers to gain insights into the top challenges and opportunities facing the industry and their alignment to insurers’ priorities. The research has consistently revealed there are Leaders, Followers and Laggards when it comes to awareness of these issues, development of plans to respond to the issues, and actually implementing those plans.

Every year, the research has shown an acceleration of the pace of change driven by customer expectations, new technology, and the blurring of industry boundaries. And every year, the gaps between the Leaders, Followers and Laggards has grown, highlighting bright futures for those willing and able to adapt to the pace of change and market shifts with fresh thinking and adoption of digital business models and processes, but uncertainty for those who are still taking a wait and see approach, or ignoring the shifts altogether.

Between last year’s and this year’s surveys, the world has been rocked by COVID-19, which has moved the shifts into a hyper-accelerated pace to create digital business models. Who will be the Leaders, Followers and Laggards in this new world?  Watch this webinar to find out!

Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer at Majesco
Glenn Westlake, VP of Strategic Marketing at Majesco