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Majesco Webinar Series

Planning and Preparing for Tomorrow – Today: What you Need to Focus on for the Future of Insurance

September 30, 2020

Five years ago InsurTech emerged, creating a major shift combining people, technology and market boundary changes that are reshaping the insurance industry. And the events of 2020 including the AM Best Innovation Ratings and COVID-19 pandemic continue to accelerate this shift.

Insurers, reinsurers, MGAs and brokers must think and operate as technology-led companies, rather than insurance-product companies. They must adopt new, emerging and maturing technologies to provide digitally-savvy customers with the product they want and need, recognizing that a product today must include the customer experience, risk coverage and services. Like it or not, the “Amazon experience” is now the benchmark for all businesses, including insurance, by providing personalized, instant digital engagement seamlessly across products and channels --- for existing, underserved and unserved markets.

Leaders are emerging. Leaders connect their current and future visions to the markets and opportunities that lie ahead. Leaders grasp how speed to market is influenced by decisive thinking. Leaders identify and assess how people, technology and market boundaries must drive the organization forward with urgency and determination. These leaders are not just modernizing, optimizing and innovating their businesses. They are disrupting their business by rethinking and reimagining the future as a digital-first insurer. Rather than holding onto decades of operational tradition built into their current business systems, processes and cost structures, they are shifting their technological and administrative weight to improve today’s business, while also creating tomorrow’s for growth, relevance and success.

Tremendous changes are still on the horizon. This is an exciting and pivotal time for the insurance industry. It is a time of limitless possibilities. It is a time to be bold and visionary. It is a time to rethink and reimagine a future that extends and expands the value of insurance to our customers. As you plan and prepare to enter 2021, leadership and focus on what is needed for the future of insurance will be defined by the customer experience, business innovation, and technological leadership.

To help you prepare for your future and 2021, this webinar and thought leaders will provide insights, ideas and consideration to help you plan for your future of insurance … because leadership, innovation and speed matter.

Denise Garth – Majesco
Rob Galbraith – Author of "The End Of Insurance As We Know It"
Bryan Falchuk - Founder and Managing Partner of Insurance Evolution Partner and Author of "The Future of Insurance: From Disruption to Evolution"