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Future Trends – Looking Back and Leaping Forward

Future Trends – Looking Back and Leaping Forward

December 17, 2019

Retrospectives are important and help organizations who are in the middle of a rapidly evolving market.  Taking a step back to see the landscape of where it began and where you are today provides insight on how you must continue to adapt to change, particularly during times of disruption.

In January 2016, we published our first Future Trends report that discussed a major shift due to the converging “tectonic plates” of people, technology and market boundary changes that were beginning to disrupt and redefine the world, industries and businesses including insurance.

This shift has continued intensifying and realigning foundational elements of the insurance business, requiring us to erase the idea that we can ease our organizations into a new future of insurance with minor adjustments.  For an industry steeped in decades if not centuries of tradition, this shift is creating both significant risk and opportunity.

This is an exciting and pivotal time for the insurance industry. It is a time of limitless possibilities. It is a time to be bold and visionary. Watch this webinar and get inspired to rethink and reimagine a future that extends and expands the value of insurance to our customers.

Denise Garth, SVP - Strategic Marketing, Majesco
Glenn Westlake, VP - Strategic Marketing, Majesco