Driving Business Optimization, Innovation and Growth Leveraging a Full-Stack Digital & Intelligent Core Platform

Change and increased risks … and opportunity are a constant in the P&C industry becoming faster, deeper, and more powerful and influencing profitability, channel and customer loyalty, competitiveness, and growth — creating potential headwinds to insurer digital business transformation strategies and plans. The necessity for insurers is to accelerate their digital business transformation because technology and new operating models provide a foundation to adapt, innovate and deliver at speed as markets shift and change continues its relentless path forward. The importance in adoption of full-stack digital platforms across the value chain for insurers and MGAs is more important than ever.

Industry leaders, regardless of size, are delivering game-changing digital transformation of their business to meet customer demands and expectations, drive operational effectiveness and innovate around new opportunities for growth. The old proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention” gains new relevance because full-stack digital and intelligent core platforms and new operating models provide the foundation to compete in the 21st century as customers, markets, and technology continue a relentless path forward.

Hear from two leaders who are focused on specific markets and products and who have taken a different approach to their digital transformation, leveraging the digital and intelligent core platform in the Cloud with robust APIs, digital capabilities, advanced analytics, and more as a foundation for their future.

  1. What should you look for in a full-stack digital and intelligent core platform?
  2. How should the transformation approach be different?
  3. How do you meet all the various operational and innovation needs organizationally?
  4. What should you look for in a partner to be successful?

Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer – Majesco
Richard Hutchinson, President & Chief Operating Officer – Forge Insurance
Craig S. Arneson, Vice President – Ullico Casualty Group, LLC