2023 Signals Shaping the Future of Insurance

Understanding the future is all about signals – and we have had lots of them over the last seven years as we tracked trends impacting the insurance industry. These trends rush at us with continued intensity and speed. While the signals are there, not everyone sees them, understands them, or responds to them. Majesco has been carefully watching these signals, analyzing them, understanding them, and identifying how insurers should be responding.

The rising importance and adoption of advances such as platform technologies, APIs, microservices, digital capabilities, new/non-traditional data sources, and advanced analytics capabilities that are now crucial to industry leadership. Market trends like the gig/sharing economy, fading of industry silos with the emergence of new competitors, the rise of ecosystems and partnerships, and much more, are driving insurance innovation with new business models, products, services, customer experiences, and distribution channels. InsurTech capital added fuel to change and innovation. And the pandemic and numerous mergers and acquisitions further accelerated and strengthened the pace of change.

Strategic and operational discussions on how insurers will prepare and manage the changes needed in their business models, products, channels, and technology is more important than ever.

Join this panel of industry leaders to gain insight into what signals they are seeing as we begin 2023 and why pausing or holding back now will only create a widening competitive gap, placing insurers’ businesses at risk.


Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer – Majesco
Chris Frankland, InsurTech & FinTech Global Advisor & Mentor | Connector of Ideas – InsurTech360
Adrian Jones, Partner – HSCM Ventures
Dr. Henna A. Karna, General Manager (GM), Managing Director, Global Insurance & Risk Management Solutions – Google