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NAMIC Insurtech Fastpitch: Majesco Underwriter360 for P&C

Majesco Underwriter360 for P&C is a next-generation, cloud-native underwriting platform. Built on Majesco’s Digital 1st Insurance no code/low code platform, Majesco partnered with KPMG to design a customer-centric solution that focuses on better insights, increased productivity, and drives more seamless interactions for the underwriter.

Addressing long-standing pain points, Underwriter360 transforms how underwriters collect risk data, analyze it, perform multi-level risk assessments, and make decisions, reducing an underwriter’s administrative workload. The digital, intelligent underwriting platform optimizes the underwriting process with improved efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability while increasing collaboration with brokers and agents for full transparency and speed to quote to transform business outcomes.

Watch Nishit Shukla, VP of Product Management at Majesco, and Jeanne Johnson, Principal U.S Advisory Practice at KPMG, team up to deliver a pitch on the importance of digital underwriting platforms to transform business outcomes in the digital era of insurance.

Majesco LossControl360 with P&C

Majesco P&C Core Suite is now deeply integrated with the best-on-class Majesco Loss Control 360 SaaS platforms, both used by reinsurers, insurers, brokers, MGAs and top risk engineering companies.

2021 A Year in Review

This past year brought many challenges to the industry but Majesco rose to meet those needs and quickly adapted to new market trends. We’ve accelerated our growth through 2 new acquisitions, new solutions and enhanced strategic partnerships. We’re staying one step ahead to create a better customer experience. Are you with us in 2022?

Majesco Digital Underwriter360 for P&C

Find out how Majesco’s insight-driven underwriting workbench, Majesco Digital Underwriter360 for P&C, enhances underwriting efficiency and profitability, drivers productivity and profitability, and creates greater transparency and collaboration with brokers.