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Introducing Majesco L&A Insurance Data & Analytics Platform

Majesco’s L&A Insurance Data & Analytics Platform is a powerful, data-driven solution that captures, analyzes, and monetizes data to empower the L&A and Group Benefits business. Pre-integrated with Majesco L&A Core Suite, it helps insurers translate the data into transformational insights and actionable intelligence to meet the demands of their business today and tomorrow.

The Future Built on Next Gen Technology: Cloud, Microservices, API, Data, AI and More

It is a time of disruption and change – technological revolution, fast-changing customer needs and expectations, and shifts to an on-demand, sharing, Gig and platform economy.  Too many are holding onto decades of operational tradition built into their core systems which support their current business, reluctant to throw it away as they embark upon a journey from being a successful legacy player to a new age digital insurer.  Making a “safe” transition and shifting their technological and administrative weight without mishaps is crucial to not disrupt their current business while building the future business.  Listen to Manish Shah, Chief Product Officer and President at Majesco as he shares insights on the technology shift necessary for the future of insurance at the 2019 InsureTech Connect Majesco Workshop:  Creating a Two-Speed Strategy to the Future of Insurance.