Majesco Insurance Data Extensions

Extend your insights with seamless connections to other systems and new external data sources.

More than ever, data and analytics are the foundation of a data-driven organization and the foundation of the insurance industry’s shift to Digital Insurance 2.0. Insurers that stick to the traditional, pre-digital age formula of relying on internal, historical data used only for pricing, underwriting and reporting, will put their businesses at risk.

Digital technologies are informing, entertaining and connecting people and organizations like never before. They are also powering changes and improvements in foundational processes, from moving people and goods, to training employees and preventing losses. And, as these technologies change the way we do things, they are creating tremendous volumes and varieties of data along the way.

Insurers that can successfully combine these new data sources with their internal data can create tremendous growth and innovation opportunities across the insurance value chain. Majesco Insurance Data Extensions enable carriers to connect to and integrate data from Majesco Distribution Management, Majesco Reinsurance and other internal systems, as well as new external sources – including Majesco Digital1st EcoExchange partners – providing the fuel to power these innovations.

That is the power of Majesco Insurance Data Extensions.

Majesco Business Analytics Capabilities


Built-in integration with Majesco core solutions


Accelerators for integrating with other core systems


Connect to external data sources including ETL from and to data lakes


Connect via APIs to Digital1st EcoExchange partners

Business Value Delivered


Shift from report-driven to data-driven


Enriched, integrated data to power new insights


Future-proofed framework for all your data


Gain enterprise level insights


Power growth and innovation with new insights

As a new start-up focused on distributing through key MGAs, our ability to leverage Majesco’s robust data offerings to rapidly enable our program business growth was a critical factor in the selection.  Our primary goal for storing and managing data from our distribution channel is to provide high quality data services and analytics back to our producers and reinsurers.  Majesco’s experience and deep understanding of both new start-ups and data management provides unique value to our efforts better enabling us to achieve this goal.  We look forward to collaborating with Majesco on this initiative and developing a long-term partnership.

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