Majesco Business Analytics

Accelerate your business intelligence roadmap with a powerful and flexible business intelligence and analytics solution with out-of-the box capabilities for P&C insurance.

In today’s digital age, data is the fuel for innovation. Technology advances provide new sources of data that are leading to unique ways to interact with customers, evaluate risk, offer innovative products and reach customers via new channels.

Majesco Business Analytics differentiates itself as a robust, out-of-the-box business intelligence and analytics solution that empowers insurers to uncover new opportunities and actionable insights across the insurance value chain.

With powerful functionality and a simple, self-service oriented user interface, Majesco Business Analytics can create, share, export, and drill down on information, liberating your data to reveal opportunities for growth, differentiation, efficiencies and customer experience.

That is the power of Majesco Business Analytics.

Majesco Business Analytics Capabilities


Drill down, drill through analysis


Proactive alerts & scheduled reporting


Advanced out-of-the-box analytics


Support for enterprise data management requirements


Proven large data volume handling


ETL utilities to expedite data integration

Business Value Delivered


Empowered diversity of use


Liberated data to power new insights


Shortened time to informed decisions


Deeper, faster exploration of your data


Energized social collaboration


Anywhere, anytime availability

Many in the insurance industry are still struggling with adoption of data management and analytics, within departments and across the value chain. Insurers need to capture and effectively analyze their data across all their solutions to achieve efficiencies and effectiveness, but also business optimization and innovation. This is where real business value can define competitive differentiation.

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