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Modern advanced solutions for insurance across the enterprise for all lines of business for P&C, L&A and Group insurance.

Majesco’s enterprise solutions for insurance carriers combines the power of modern advanced systems to support all lines of business for P&C, L&A and Group across the enterprise.

Software offerings:

Majesco Billing

An industry leading proven solution that helps insurance carriers improve customer service and increase profitability through a flexible enterprise billing platform that provides rapid, measurable business results. Majesco Billing is the industry leader in billing administration.

Majesco DigitalConnect

Uses the latest technology to provide personalized, intuitive portals for customers and agents from quoting through policy issuance, billing and payments, and other post-sale servicing needs. Provides your company with a combined marketing and servicing platform of the future.

Majesco Implementation Services

Modern advanced core software backed by implementation services ensuring clients of a business success

Majesco Distribution Management

Majesco Distribution Management offers the flexibility to manage the complexities of the distribution landscape using technology that can keep the carrier on the leading edge, and reduces the time to implement a new distribution arrangement.

Majesco CloudInsurer

A Business Platform for all insurers from greenfields, new start-ups and incubators to mid-market and tier one insurers to turn challenges into opportunities.

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