The Rise of the Small-Medium Business Insurance Customer: Shifting Views and Expectations - Is Your Business Ready for Them?

Small medium businesses have negative views of P&C insurers and group/employee benefits insurers, creating an opportunity for new, innovative business models, products and processes from existing and new start-ups.

Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs) find insurance complex and confusing relative to the other products and services they need to run their businesses. Current insurers are not meeting needs or expectations such as the ability to create customized products available from a range of options rather than lowest price and through multiple channels, reflecting the increasing demand for personalization across the customer journey. The result is a view of insurance as a low-loyalty, low net-promoter score commodity that opens a window of opportunity for new business models and InsurTech start-ups that could rapidly shift market leadership.

The current commercial and group/employee benefit insurance business models are set up to serve larger businesses with agent/ broker distribution networks, providing knowledgeable assistance and guidance on the increasingly complex needs of larger organizations.

The research clearly shows that insurance is not “easy to do business with” across the entire process for all three SMB segments. It further reveals that digital companies and capabilities are rapidly reshaping and influencing customer behaviors and expectations — creating digital customers with a wide range of expectations.

Increasingly, small business customers are demanding a personalized experience, representing the shift from mass standardization of insurance to the micro-personalization of insurance, requiring broader data and sophisticated analytics to truly understand and respond to small businesses.

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