Defining a New Insurance Experience in the Digital Age?

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Your customers understand that insurance is important for protecting the financial security of their families, possessions and businesses. But that doesn’t mean they enjoy the experience of researching, buying and servicing their insurance protection – they don’t. In fact, our research shows that insurance ranks near the bottom in ease of use compared to most other products and services commonly used by your customers – both consumers and businesses. This issue will grow more acute as user experience leaders like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple continue to redefine customer engagement further widening the gap between customer expectations and insurers’ ability to meet them.

How can you overcome this challenge? A tactical, piecemeal approach will not bridge the gap, nor will reacting by implementing yesterday’s solutions (like portals) in an attempt to keep up. The better, more strategic approach is to take a page from these customer experience leaders’ playbooks: create integrated digital experiences driven by customer journey maps. Attend this webinar to learn how to apply this powerful process to the business of insurance … and turn your company’s customer experience into one that ranks withleaders both inside and outside the insurance industry.

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