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Future Trends 2017: The Shift Gains Momentum

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Presented by Denise Garth (Moderator, Majesco), Glenn Westlake – (Speaker, Majesco)

In 2016, the activity level in response to the trends pressuring the insurance industry accelerated rapidly. Was your company among the innovators changing the future of insurance, or were you still waiting on the sidelines?

Majesco recently completed our second annual deep dive into the key forces influencing the insurance industry using our Future Trends framework to help you make sense of them all. We also conducted our annual survey of insurance company decision makers to learn what they are doing in response to the changes in the industry.

Watch this webinar to learn about the forces driving change, how the industry is responding, and what your peers are thinking and planning. Then decide what your company needs to do to claim its stake in our rapidly changing industry!

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