Digital Insurance 2.0: Playbooks for P&C Insurers to Win in the Digital Age

The combination of multiple factors within the macro trends of People, Technology and Market Boundaries have resulted in gaps that are separating traditional Insurance 1.0 business models from Digital Insurance 2.0 models which are being built for a new generation of insurance customers whose needs, behaviors, and expectations are dramatically different.

To help close these gaps, this report presents a unique new framework that breaks down new insurance business models into key components, helping to explain the “formulas” that innovative new Digital Insurance 2.0 products and business models are using to capture a new generation of insurance customers. The framework, combined with key insights from Majesco’s Consumer and SMB research, serves as a tool for insurers to develop ideas for new products, services and business models to add to their growth and innovation pipelines, and create their own unique playbooks for Digital Insurance 2.0.

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Awareness is High, Action is Low

Virtually every insurance company is talking about transforming their business for the Digital Age, moving from Insurance 1.0 to Digital Insurance 2.0. Unfortunately, our research shows a knowing – doing gap remains, indicating little action in building for the future.

Old Playbooks Must be Updated

Every company likely has a playbook today, reflecting their strategy and plan that shapes their current business model, products, and market segments. Unfortunately, these traditional playbooks do not work well in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, which is quickly filling with new customer expectations, new innovations and new competition.

Jumpstart Your New Playbook

As you develop your own new products and business models, use the framework in this report to see how your “plays” stack up against the competition. Also take advantage of our 30 research-tested insurance attributes across 6 value chain categories to spark your innovation.

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