Cloud Business Platform: The Path to Digital Insurance 2.0

The race to the future of Insurance has begun. It is a race with new insurance entrants challenging traditional incumbents. We are in the midst of the digital age shift where survival and winning will require rapid adaptability and innovation.

The shift is toward a platform economy across all industries. Insurers are also beginning to innovate new business models based on this platform economy, which enables them to leverage broad ecosystems and technology innovations such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, new data sources and much more, to create a greatly enhanced customer experience.

For an effective digital transformation, it is important that core, data and digital capabilities are decomposed, available as micro-services for integration, and are “fused” together for designing a digital experience. This is digital fusion.

The acceleration in the uptake of digital technologies and cloud foundations is a crucial first step to break into the platform world and the shift to Digital Insurance 2.0.

Digital Insurance 2.0 is silo-less (or silo-reduced) insurance operations, enabled by digital technologies. It is a new business platform that utilizes digital efforts to reconstruct a future-proof model with fewer barriers between systems.

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