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Transforming Distribution Management -
Expanding Reach and Scale

Future Ready Insurance

Shifting customer behaviors and expectations are forcing insurance distribution management to transform and adapt to a new multi-channel world in order to drive reach and scale. Majesco along with industry leading specialists, such as PwC, are connecting with insurers to help them understand the demands of this new environment, identify where they are in their digital maturity, and know how to advance their distribution prowess. The strategic expertise and implementation offerings of PwC align well with Majesco’s next-generation P&C, L&A and Distribution Management offerings.

Next Generation Distribution Operations

Distribution Management Maturity


Find out how PwC and Majesco are defining the maturity curve for distribution management distribution management offerings.

What is Your Distribution Management Maturity Status?

Learn how PwC and Majesco are working to help insurers accelerate their distribution management maturity.

The Distribution Management Model: A Roadmap to Success

Tune in to industry experts from Majesco and PwC to hear how carrier leaders, operations, producers, and technology, must come together to transform distribution

Step on the Gas: Driving Consumer Engagement


Tune in to industry experts from Majesco and PwC on how to create that next-gen experience for digitally native customers

Distribution Management: A Path to Maturity

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by stretching for capabilities higher-up on the maturity curve and use these capabilities to steer transformation.

Insurance Distribution Management: Get on the Path to Maturity

Most insurers are on a path to improving distribution and channel tools and processes, but do they know where they are headed?

Expert Guidance for How to Leverage Today’s Next-Gen Solutions and Digitally Transform

Embedding a New Insurance Paradigm



The Future of Distribution Management – A 3D View


Reshaping the Distributor Insurer Relationship



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