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Complementary Solutions for P&C Insurance – Loss Control, Video Streaming, Rapid Sketch & Premium Audit

Robust Set of Solutions that Drive Growth and Success

Majesco offers a powerful set of complementary solutions that are deeply integrated into Majesco P&C solutions and help to eliminate cost, enhance operational effectiveness and empower innovation.

Loss Control Solutions

Today’s market environment demands a greater focus on underwriting profitability and proactive risk mitigation to minimize or eliminate claims. As enhanced customer experiences are necessary for P&C insurers to remain competitive, a loss control solution is needed for not just for complex, high-risk scenarios, but across a broader swath of submissions leveraging self-service loss control, automation, and integration to core.

Loss Control

Best-in-class AI-driven loss control survey platform that helps identify intelligent risk insights for risk management, underwriting and claims.

Guide Stream

Digital video streaming capabilities help customers collect critical information needed for personalized underwriting decisions.

Rapid Sketch

Sketch and attach floor plans to a survey. Calculate square footage, document external exposures, plot internal features to provide detailed loss control information!

Premium Audit

Verify premiums and validate underlying rating for lines of business with an easy-to-use step-by-step workflow.

“Self-Survey will enable our ability to get virtual survey data on risks that we can’t access in person. Making smarter and more efficient underwriting is easy with Loss Control 360.”

Larry Conner, Director of Loss Control, Celina Insurance Group


What are the challenges insurers face due to evolving risks?

Today, we are now seeing increasing environmental, societal, and technology risks that have the potential to intersect and significantly disrupt people and businesses negatively. For example, increased extreme weather events and natural disasters to rising construction costs and strained supply chains are putting many insureds at risk of not having enough insurance coverage.

What are the risk management strategies and solutions leading insurers are investing in?

Leading insurers are looking to improve risk management strategies using digital technology, to drive better business outcomes, expand market opportunities, and meet customer expectations. They are increasingly focusing their time and resources on how they can better assess risk and prevent losses to improve underwriting profitability and customer experiences.

How do you successfully reduce preventable losses, increase profitability, and strengthen your brand reputation?

Risk management, underwriting, and loss control all involve gathering and using data needed for AI/ML models to accurately assess and identify risk and manage and reduce risks by providing differentiated customer service. Advanced AI/ML enables insurers to analyze data in real-time to drive intelligent decision-making.

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