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Where Is the Teddy Bear Picnic?

If we take a stroll in the woods today, there are unlikely to be the fabled Teddy Bear picnics waiting for us on a pleasant spring day in the bluebell-filled woodlands. In all probability, as we take some well-deserved time out from the high pressure, cut and thrust of daily business, we’ll start to contemplate what the future holds.

It’s likely that we will swiftly move from thinking about our home and family life, to the current issues that we would rather have left at the office. Such is life. The insurance industry is no spring chicken; it’s been around for hundreds of years.  Smoky coffee houses have been replaced with sterile air-conditioned offices where computer systems dictate to a large extent the modus operandi for the company as a whole. The goal, however, is to use technology to recapture some of the simplicity of the Teddy Bear picnic. Can we bring some of that relaxed peace of mind to the insurance process?

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