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How to Lead Change (Part 2)

Change is hard work. Those who don’t think organizational change is risky and problematic should stop and put themselves in the shoes of those being affected by the change.  Considering multiple viewpoints is important to successfully managing change. In reality, the only way you can know just how difficult change is to the organization is to solicit honest feedback from all of the people involved during the period of change.

In my last blog, Leading the Change, we discussed how personal change can be — even if it is corporate transformational change. For most people, it still boils down to the individual consideration of “what’s in it for me?”

In this blog, we’ll discuss change competency. How well are we, as leaders, prepared to lead change? Is there anything we can do to lead and direct transformation better in ways that acknowledge the risks and rewards of change? For this conversation, it may be best to start with a frank assessment of our own skills and experience with transformational change. Read more

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