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How to Get There From Here?

To capture the flavor of the pace and magnitude of change during 2016, we wrote a series of blogs where we compared the dramatic shifts in insurance to what happened during the original Italian Renaissance. In reality, the Renaissance was an upheaval. It was a rebuilding of an entire society, characterized by major developments in social and cultural behaviors, science, art, trade and thought. This shouldn’t surprise us, because the word “renaissance” means rebirth. As old patterns disintegrated, an entirely new realm unfolded. The fertile soil of fresh thought provided a period of growth in fields of opportunity. By the end of 2016, we could make a case that it was not only pivotal and groundbreaking, but it was historic on the scale of a Renaissance. At no time in the history of insurance can we find one year that includes this many game-changing events AND a rapid pace of continuing advancement.

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