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Capture data, photos, and video in one Survey Management Solution

Reduce your Loss Ratio, increase inspector efficiency, ‘learn’ from the data from millions of surveys!

Intelligent Risk Insights with Majesco Loss Control Solution

To remain competitive and improve experiences, companies must prioritize P&C insurers looking to remain competitive and improve customer experiences must prioritize underwriting profitability and proactive risk mitigation to minimize or eliminate claims.

Expand and Leverage Data

Leverage a robust contributory database of loss control data with your unique data plus third-party data for risk analysis, underwriting, and reporting.

Portfolio Risk Insights

Analyze your portfolio of business to identify survey recommendations across the book of business to gain improved risk assessment, drive informed decisions, support reinsurance demands, and improve profitability.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Empower your field loss control team with automated, intelligent surveys that deliver faster results with increased customer satisfaction.

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