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New Podcast Series from Majesco

Majesco Announces Future of Insurance: Industry Influencers Podcast Series. In each episode, host Denise Garth, SVP of Strategic Marketing and Innovation at Majesco, asks notable guests like SVIA CEO and cofounder Mike Connor and bestselling author Rob Galbraith (also known as “the most interesting man in insurance”) questions like:

How has InsurTech changed over the last three years and what has been the impact for insurance?
How are you thinking about the future of insurance?
How can insurers create a vision to survive and thrive these paradigm shifts?

Majesco Announces Podcast Series

The series taps into the insights, expertise and experience of industry influencers to give listeners a view into key areas that are shaping the future of insurance.

Is cold-calling the real problem?

We all know the scenario; the phone rings and the screen shows “No Caller ID”. Should we answer or should leave it to ring out, assuming it is yet another call centre either trying to elicit our opinions in order to monetise them or else trying to sell us something we didn’t realise we needed? Many people regard the intrusion of cold-callers into our private lives as the ultimate invasion of their privacy and swear never to buy anything from them.

Insurers must take an outside-in focus to prepare for the future of insurance

From the perspective of 2019, 2050 may seem irrelevant. But if there is one thing that insurers should know by now — looking into the future even one day, one year or one decade ahead is important. The viability of the insurance industry is vitally connected to demographic trends, market trends, customer opinion, and new technologies. When we lose touch, we lose business.

Do Insurers Understand Their Customers?

Even though an organization may be well-positioned currently to meet market needs, it needs to be in the prioritizing and planning process in order to capture more market share before the windows of opportunity close. Insurance buyers’ changing behaviors and expectations are defining what the future of insurance needs to look like. It is Majesco’s mission to help insurers, reinsurers, MGAs, startups, and more, make that future a reality by providing next-gen technology, like our cloud-based insurance platform solutions and our microservices-based Digital1st Insurance platform-as-a-service, to rapidly launch, test, and scale innovative new products and business models.

Insurers need to adapt their income protection products to meet customer need

Income protection has always been the Cinderella of the protection product family – always left at home when the others go to the ball. And yet, income protection is one of the most useful protection products, providing a level of income that enables households to keep going when the wage-earner has been diagnosed as unfit to work. And while the need for it should be obvious, it remains a fact that only 10% of the UK population has taken out a policy to insure their income. Yet, by contrast 71% of people insure their home, 70% insure their holiday and 18% their mobile phone, according to a survey carried out by Zurich.

Pop-Up Lessons for SMB Insurers: Move to Meet the Demand!

Retail business is changing. Consider the growth of pop-up retail stores, pop-up restaurants and food trucks. All of these types of businesses operate on the premise that when precise timing is added to the laws of supply and demand, the maximum amount of profit may be gained in a minimal amount of time with a lower level of capital expenditure.