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Global insurer goes live with Exaxe software solution Illustrate Plus

Global insurer goes live with Exaxe software solution Illustrate Plus

NEWS RELEASE: Dublin, Ireland, 27th May 2014.

"We are delighted to announce one of our newly acquired customers’ has gone live with Exaxe’s flagship product Illustrate Plus. As a worldwide leader in insurance and asset management, our customer requires its software to be of equal standard to allow it to deliver the best and most efficient service to its clients and IFA’s. Exaxe is proud to have helped it achieve this goal,” stated Philip Naughton, Executive Business Director of Exaxe.

“Today’s announcement is an important milestone, which follows a sixteen week implementation with our customer. The customer has replaced its current legacy system with Illustrate Plus. Illustrate Plus will deliver significant service improvements and cost savings including Straight Through Processing to our customer,” commented Philip Naughton.

Illustrate Plus is a highly flexible, web-based illustrations and quotations solution that supports new and existing business across all products for life, pensions, wealth management, group and individual business.

Philip Naughton noted “Our customer took the decision to seek out a replacement illustration capability as its existing system was constraining its ability to innovate and to launch new products to a rapidly changing market. With the help of Exaxe and its solution Illustrate Plus, our customer now has a system which removes these concerns and supports future planned business growth.”

Philip Naughton commented “It is another endorsement that Illustrate Plus is a leader in the market for illustrations and quotations to blue chip companies. We trust that this is a partnership that will grow stronger over the coming years as we help to support its growth and success.”

“We are thrilled to be an Irish company signing deals at home and abroad. We continue to recruit to meet our growth objectives. It has been a tough economic climate for all Irish businesses but we are pleased to be in the position to be increasing the workforce and taking on new global clients.”

Media Contact:

Sharon McGuire
Marketing Manager
Tel: +353 1 2999100

About Exaxe

Exaxe®, is a specialist solution provider for the Life & Pensions industry.
Established in 1997, it has implemented products and has client reference sites in Ireland the UK and the Netherlands. Exaxe markets best-in-class software solutions in the areas of Illustrations, at-retirement policy administration, and distribution management. Its Service Oriented Architecture and component based design has been key to its success.

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