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Modern technology systems are in a state of continual enhancement and upgrade. Successful testing cannot be accomplished with a piecemeal or isolated approach. A consolidated plan must be in place to effectively test across systems and processes. Both the application and the entire technology stack including core systems must be tested in a holistic manner. In many cases, testing procedures are limited to obtaining the services of test specialists and paying for the time and material resources utilized. Quality-conscious organizations must ensure return of value on their investment with predictable and time-bound outcomes.

Majesco’s testing services for core insurance systems and applications brings greater predictability to testing programs, reducing program costs by up to 30%.

Business Value Delivered:

Proven, Flexible Defect Prediction

Forecast the realistic number of defects across an entire software development life cycle ensuring better quality

Predictable Processes, Predictable Cost, Predictable Outcome

‘Pay per test case’ option to enable organizations to size and plan a testing release alongside the development of high level requirements. This option significantly improves predictability and eases project budget pressures.

Speed to Market with the Insurance Testing Automation Framework

A unique hybrid automation framework – Insurance Test Automation Framework (iTAF)- enables rapid implementation of automation without adding significantly to the costs

Insurance-Ready Test Library

Over 5000 ready to use test cases built with nearly three decades of experience in testing and extensive domain expertise in insurance.

Fair vs Lowest Price
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