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HealthCheck is a data-driven scan of the well-being of Majesco Platforms, enabling customers to understand and improve the health of their Majesco solution environment. HealthCheck is specifically designed to automatically scan configurations and customizations across five key categories – upgradeability, manageability, user experience, performance, and stability – utilizing best practices and design patterns recommended for the Majesco solutions.

HealthCheck Dashboard

A dashboard simple to understand showing quantitative and an intuitive score card of the latest HealthCheck of your Majesco environment. See current and past HealthCheck scores across any environment and drill-down in any product to see category scores across five key categories. A full listing of all checks performed on the environment with the Status and Priority (importance).

Insights to Improve Health

The HealthCheck dashboard provides a list of all failed checks with more details, identifying the location of configuration /customization that does not pass to quickly identify necessary corrections. Addresses failed checks based on priority (determined by operational impact) to improve scores quickly.

Built-In Scheduler

With the HealthCheck, automatically schedule checks for frequent assessments. The built-in scheduler schedules automatic HealthChecks across different environments with the option to schedule on-demand. Check the progress of HealthCheck on-line anytime.

DIY Setup

HealthCheck has a simple and easy setup to include all environments starting with the Fall ’22 Release of Majesco solutions. The set-up is as easy as 1-2-3: 1) Name the environment 2) Chose products you would like to run HealthCheck for and 3) Provide access credential of the environments. Configure scan schedule and get started to understand and improve the health of Majesco environment.

Upgrade Ready

With our quantitative score measuring your upgrade readiness, you can confidently upgrade or know what you need to change before you upgrade with quality of configuration and product modification checks. Areas are brought to your attention so you are better prepared.

Built for Success

Keep up with the best practices our teams have learned over the last 20+ years specifically for Majesco products with data access, integrity, and security best practices built-in for on-going success.

Easy to Use

Easy to use UX with out of the box pre-configurations for common use to help you run on demand or schedule your health scans. Results, details, and recommendations are immediately available to keep your systems healthy and easy to maintain.


What values does HealthCheck bring to Customers?

There are several impactful values HealthCheck provides to customers:
• Visibility of operational impact of customer specific modifications
• Allows opportunity to improve health prior to production deployment
• Improves total cost of ownership
• Overall improves reliability, availability, scalability, performance, customer experience and upgradeability

What products will HealthCheck be available for?

HealthCheck has been introduced for P&C Policy (in core services), L&AH Policy, L&AH Claims and Digital1st. These products have 70% of checks available.

What are some Key Highlights for HealthCheck?

• Overall Scoring – Scoring across five key categories for each product within an environment with simple Green (Excellent), Yellow (Caution) and Red (Fail) indicators of health. Green (Excellent) indicates Production Ready, Yellow (Caution) means Conditionally Production Ready and Red (Fail) means Not Production Ready. ​
• Category Scoring – Understand breakdown of overall scoring for each of five categories – Maintainability, Upgradability, Performance, Security and User Interface​
• Detailed Insights – Detail list of each check with pass and fail and data points for improvements​
• Scheduler – Built-in scheduler to automatically schedule HealthCheck against any Majesco environment running Fall ‘22 or higher​

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