Cloud Platform

Document as a Service (DaaS)

Operational Effectiveness

A growing number of organizations seek to increase automation for applications with unstructured data. Current document generation processes entail disparate document repositories that are not connected, and a variety of manual tasks that end up substantially limiting efficiencies and operational productivity. In response to that, Document as a Service (DaaS), a SaaS-based, cloud-native, multi-tenant, serverless architected enables document generation and management across all Majesco platforms.

Rich Capabilities

Document as a Service (DaaS) provides a no-code authoring interface to create templates with rich features to build policy, billing, claims, legal, marketing, and various other documents. It includes purpose-built open APIs to generate, store and retrieve documents with high throughput capabilities.

Pre-Integrated with Majesco Platforms

DaaS is pre-integrated with Majesco’s P&C Core Suite, L&AH Core Suite, Distribution Management and Digital1st® platforms and available as standalone service that can be subscribed to and integrated with non-Majesco platforms.

Author & Manage Documents

Author customizable document templates using no-code cloud-based tools, as well as administer the document platform.

Document Generation & Secure Storage

DaaS provides a cloud-native, malleable solution that integrates all document authoring, generation, administration, and storage needs in one platform. Open APIs for invoking document generation based on pre-authored templates with transaction data at scale. Built-in document management allowing easy storage and retrieval of all documents with industry standard security throughout the document lifecycle.

Cloud-Native, Microservice-Based Framework

Platform exposes core functions as APIs for easy integration with any system and supports bulk generation of documents via scheduled batch processes.

Multi-Tenancy & High Availability

Creates uniformity in feature availability, ease of upgrades and reduced maintenance, while providing a single point of integration for all insurance core systems. Serverless cloud-native architecture built on cutting-edge Microsoft Azure, cloud technology provides zero downtime, and auto-scaling to meet peaks and troughs of transaction volumes.


Who are the target customers for DaaS?

Majesco’s Document Generation and Management offering is available to all Majesco customers and can be integrated with their other core applications. It will also provide the flexibility to connect with prominent third-party DMS systems for document persistence if customers intend to store the documents outside Majesco.

How can DaaS help my company be successful?

While there are many reasons maintaining a consistent organized system for documentation can help your company be successful, here are a few thoughts to consider: 1) Safeguarding critical information 2) Ensures consistency, efficiency, and standardization 3) the business can be more profitable.

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