Cloud Platform

Cloud Insurance Solutions

A Foundation for Today with the Future in Mind

Insurance leaders must quickly adapt to enable growth and remain competitive. With the pace of change and disruption, aligning technology with business strategies is critical. A cloud-based platform provides a foundation to compete today and in the future.

Leveraging Cloud Platform

Leveraging cloud business platforms avoids the long, difficult, and expensive implementation process usually accompanying systems replacement and subsequent upgrades. Cloud-deployed applications give quick wins that are especially important when insurers are establishing a new system or new capabilities to respond to a shifting market opportunity.

Foundation for Speed and Innovation

Cloud Platform provides a launchpad for innovative business plans and business models, delivering Speed to Value, Speed to Implementation, Speed to Market, and Speed to Revenue. A Business Platform for all insurers, from Greenfields and start-ups to established insurers and reinsurers, to capture the rapidly expanding opportunities for innovation and growth.

Pay as you Grow

The Cloud Platform enables insurers to move to a “pay as you grow” subscription model that allows major financial decisions in three-to-five-year intervals and CAPEX and OPEX savings that can be redirected to business growth strategies.

Meet the Reality of Today’s Market

Agility, innovation, and speed can only be achieved with a cloud business platform. An array of market trends is further fueling the adoption of cloud models that enable insurers to respond with flexibility, agility, and speed. The Cloud Platform runs key business applications and services to match the reality of the changing market and increasing demands of the customer.

Insurance Solutions

Cloud Control

Easy-to-use web interface that enhances insurance customers’ abilities to deploy, monitor, and control all Majesco SaaS applications through an intuitive, web-based portal.

API Management

Sophisticated API platform with integrated tools and processes that allow creators and users to effectively build, manage, publish and consume APIs.


Better understand the improve the health of the Majesco environment by automatically scanning the Majesco environment to provide data points across key categories.

Document as a Service (DaaS)

A SaaS-based, cloud-native, multi-tenant, serverless architected service that enables document generation and management across all Majesco platforms.


What can insurers expect out of the new generation of digital insurance platforms?

• Maximize effectiveness across the entire customer journey with deeper engagement
• Enable process digitization for improving both efficiencies and customer experience
• Use digital data-driven insights for better decision-making and proactively identifying customer needs
• Adapt to rapid changes
• Allow rapid rollout of new products and capabilities

How can Majesco help insurers on their journey to digital insurance?

Majesco’s platform strategy offers options for three paths forward that include:
• Keep and grow the existing business by modernizing and transforming the business using a next generation core systems in the Cloud.
• Optimize the existing business while creating the new with digital engagement using digital platforms and ecosystem in the Cloud.
• Develop a new business model for a new generation of buyers with a Greenfield and startup initiative using digital platforms and ecosystem in the Cloud.

What should an insurer’s strategy focus on in the digital age?

Fundamentally, to succeed in the digital age, an insurer must focus on the following attributes:
• Customer experience and engagement is priority #1 (People)
• Business innovation is mandatory (Technology)
• Ecosystems extend value (Market Boundaries)
• Speed to value is the differentiator

The Future Starts With Majesco