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Careers at Majesco


Are you ready to shape the future of insurance?

The Majesco Mission

Our Mission

A world where insurance makes life and business easier, more connected and better protected.

Why we exist

We’re the strategic partner insurers count on to deliver digital business transformation. Our people are the best in the industry, known for unparalleled industry expertise, domain knowledge and customer focus, and recognized for innovation and vision.

What We Do

Our technology, expertise and leadership helps insurers modernize, innovate and connect to build the future of their businesses — and the future of insurance industry — at speed and at scale.

Why Majesco?
Take your career to the next level.

At Majesco, we believe it's time for insurance to become as easy, seamless and powerful as any business or personal service we expect. That's why we do what we do, and it's the basis for our tagline: The Future of Insurance Starts here.

Our Values
Openness & Transparency

Our Values
We do the right thing. Always

“That means honoring our commitments and principles in everything we do.”

• Commitments matter.
• Honesty, unconditionally and always.
• Ethical behavior is not a suggestion; it is expected in every interaction.
• Asking questions is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Our Values

Our Values
Our customers are at the center of everything we do.

Every decision we make is based on earning the trust of the companies who count on us to run their business. We help them focus on what matters most, so they can deliver on the demands of tomorrow, today.

• We insist on viewing the world through our customers’ eyes.
• Our success is defined by our customers’ success.
• We keep our promises.

Our Values
We’re Here for the Long-Haul

Our Values
We go all-in and hold nothing back.

“In the face of adversity, we show no fear, only the courage to persevere.”

• Courage counts.
• Differences in approach and thought make us stronger.
• Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
• If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Why Majesco?
Discrimination Has No Place Here

Why Majesco?

Majesco is firmly committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and to compliance with all federal, state and local laws that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sex stereotyping, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, protected military or veteran status, genetic information and other protected classifications.

Why Majesco?
Let’s Innovate Together

Why Majesco?

We bring together the best and brightest minds to revolutionize the insurance industry.

Why Majesco?
Our Workforce Around the World

Why Majesco?

At Majesco, innovation happens globally.

Our Values
Obsessed with Quality

Our Values
We are obsessed with quality in everything we do. We never stop chasing greatness.

“We constantly pursue elegant solutions to our customers’ most complex problems and support their desire to achieve breathtaking results.”

• Create breakthrough ideas and turn them into solutions.
• Respect innovation over tradition.
• Empower people to think differently and find new results.
• Make time for innovation.
• Anything is possible. Make the impossible a reality.

Empowered, Decisive & Accountable

“Beacause when you get the company culture right, everything else will follow.”

  • Lead with experience, and let go of the past when it no longer serves a purpose.
  • Thrive on change and destroy the obsolete.
  • Move Fast, with a bias towards action.
  • Take intelligent risks and learn from every failure.
  • Progress beats stagnation.


Meet the Customers Who
Own the Future of Insurance

From the very beginning we were impressed with the depth of business and technical capabilities of the Majesco platforms as well as their understanding of the unique challenges for greenfields like ourselves to support a business launch. The speed and quality of the implementation has surpassed our expectations, helping to rapidly launch our business and drive speed to value.

Danna Gomez, COO of Urban Advantage

The Future of Insurance Starts With You.