Documents as a Service (DaaS), Serverless Cloud-Native microservice for Insurance

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From creating complex quotes and detailed benefit illustrations, to generating highly personalized policy contracts for customers, insurance carriers need robust document generation capabilities for every aspect of their businesses. And once these documents have been created, they also need a way to elegantly manage and reference all their generated documentation in a safe, centralized location that serves as a common system of record for all their systems and teams.

A Scalable Cloud-Native for Insurance Document Generation and Management Needs of Core Processing

Majesco’s Document as a Service (DaaS) offering is a modern, multi-tenant, serverless, cloud-based document generation and management platform pre-integrated across all Majesco products, which provides the rich capabilities carriers need to reduce costs and improve workflow thus improving their productivity and operational performance.

The platform provides a simple to use no-code authoring interface to build templates with rich capabilities enabling you create professional looking policy, billing, claims, legal, marketing, and other documents, complete with images and custom content for all your lines of business. And to help you get started, we’ve included a suite of premade out-of-the-box templates allowing for faster speed to value.

At runtime, one or many documents can be triggered to generate automatically based on the business requirements you dictate within a set of powerful configuration tools. The built-in document management functionality allows for easy storage and retrieval of all content through user friendly search capabilities, via APIs for all insurance core systems. All of this flexibility along with built in correspondence features and industry standard security throughout the document lifecycle enables better and faster collaboration among teams.

Majesco DaaS is available standalone and provides the flexibility to connect with other third-party DMS systems. Its microservice-based framework includes purpose-built open APIs to generate, store, and retrieve documents from any system with high throughput capabilities. And because it utilizes serverless cloud-native architecture built on cutting-edge Microsoft Azure, you can be confident in zero downtime, ease of upgrades, and auto-scaling to meet peaks and troughs of transaction volumes.

What Capabilities does Majesco DaaS Offer?

  • Custom Document Generation & Secure Storage
  • Single Document Repository Pre-Integrated Across all Majesco Platforms
  • Simple No-Code Authoring Interface
  • Powerful Rules Engine to Trigger Document Generation
  • Rich Document Management Capabilities
  • Cloud-Native, Microservice-Based Framework with Open APIs
  • Multi-Tenancy & High Availability
  • Supports Bulk Generation of Documents via Scheduled Batch Processes

Many organizations are in a state of chaos, seeking to automate manual tasks that greatly limit productivity while at the same time trying to organize mountains of unstructured data from disparate and unconnected applications. By leveraging Majesco’s DaaS offering as their single point of integration, customers realize major gains in consistency, efficiency, and standardization; streamlining their operations so their businesses can become more agile, collaborative, and profitable.

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