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Nimish Sankalia is Senior Vice President - IT Services and is responsible for leading the insurance IT services business at Majesco. Previously, he held positions in pre-sales, sales, business development and corporate strategy. Prior to his association with Majesco, he managed software architecture and IT enterprise systems as a technologist for Merrill Lynch, McKinsey & Company, and NYMEX, followed by the position of Account Management and Business Development Lead with STGIL (Systems Task Group Intl), now a part of Majesco. He is an active member in insurance trade organizations and a volunteer on IASA’s technology and marketing/communications committees.

Distribution in the Digital World

What is “distribution” in the digital context? Is it buying and selling things via the internet?  Connecting providers and consumers…
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Customer Service Expectations: Setting a New Bar for Engagement

“It’s all about the customer.” How often have we heard that statement?  More times than we can count, but nonetheless…
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Digital Transformation in Billing

  The word “digital” is most commonly associated with front office transformation – client-facing activities, often in the service of…
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Claims Can Claim to be a Priority for Digital Transformation

In my last post, I promised that I would explore each step in the value chain and the potential impact…
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Embrace the Shift! Transforming from the Outside-In

The insurance industry has not been historically known for innovation. This may be an unfair characterization – insurers have in…
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Testing Enters an Expert Era

Domain Knowledge Contributes to Whole-Enterprise Testing Success Majesco recently released a white paper in which we outline the many necessities…
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Testing Requires Its Own Transformation

Modern Testing is the “New” Tool to Improve Agility and Quality Software testing is nothing new. Insurance enterprises have long…
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In With the New, In With the New

Shifting gears to find a realistic modernization approach   In my many years in IT, I have come to recognize…
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