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Analytics Solutions

Insurance Data & Analytics Platform

Powerful, data-driven solutions that integrate, organize and uncover strategic insights using internal and external data sources

Analytics Solutions

Leverage Data to Drive Intelligent Action

In today’s digital age, data and analytics are the fuel for innovation and digital transformation. To accelerate growth, carriers need to leverage their operational data, as well as new, innovative sources of data. Majesco’s Data & Analytics Solutions empower businesses to create and share meaningful data insights that can drive productivity and growth, while accelerating business transformation.

Future Proofed Data Framework

Capture, analyze and leverage data to drive actionable insights

True Data-Driven Decisions

Reveal opportunities for growth, differentiation, efficiencies and enhanced customer experience across the entire business

Accessible Analytics for the Enterprise

Out-of-the-box templates to easily create new dashboards and reports

Single Source of Truth

Unleash powerful insights from traditional and new, external sources of data

A Sophisticated Platform that Helps Insurers Turn Data Into Results

Majesco Analytics

Sophisticated platform helping insurers to use data as a strategic asset, putting information in the hands of the right people at the right time.

  • Deliver relevant information to the right people in real-time
  • Spend more time on insights and actions
  • Uncover new opportunities and actionable insights

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P&C Enterprise Data Warehouse

Unlock transformational insights that power market leaders in a data-driven world.

  • Drill-down, drill-through and drill-anywhere analysis
  • Powerful functionality and simple self-service interface
  • Rapidly unlock insights from multiple internal and external data sources
  • Holistic view of business operations
  • Pre-built integration with Majesco Business Analytics

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L&A Data & Analytics Platform

Next-generation data and analytics platform that captures, analyzes and monetizes data with powerful, predictive machine learning analytics, intelligent repots and prescriptive actions.

  • Flexible and forward-thinking data framework
  • Robust, scalable and flexible data framework
  • Next-generation insurance analytics
  • Support for the entire L&A Individual, Group and Benefits insurance value chain
  • Cloud-native microservices based SaaS solution

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Optimize and Innovate at Speed and Scale