Majesco Claims for P&C

An insurance claims management platform that optimizes customer experience, and carrier operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Claims is the “moment of truth”.  A moment to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A modern claims platform is foundational to meet the “moment of truth” in a personalized way for customers, while effectively managing your claims operations. Majesco Claims for P&C is a comprehensive claims management platform with deep functionality and proven processes that delivers impressive results in some of the most demanding claims operations. Developed by claims experts, the highly configurable and business rules-driven solution empowers claims adjusters to meet the demanding claims expectations of both the customer and the business.

As new innovations and capabilities emerge in today’s digital age, the ability to enhance the “moment of truth” to meet increasing customer expectations is critically important. You need the flexibility and agility to accommodate them with the core capabilities and a partner EcoSystem that offers innovative capabilities using technologies like drones, internet of things, virtual reality, and more.

That is the power of Majesco Claims for P&C.

Claims Management Platform Capabilities


End-to-end claims management from FNOL to settlement


Fraud management


Real-time data and advanced analytics


Claim complexity assessment


Catastrophe management


Flexible configuration

Business Value Delivered


Enhanced customer experience


Improved operational efficiency


Reduced claims management costs


Reduced loss costs


Improved underwriting quality


Innovative EcoSystem capabilities

The non-insurance companies that insurers point to as inspirations tend to excel in sales and distribution (e.g., Amazon) and much InsurTech investment has focused in that realm as well. Insurers, however, have one unique customer experience that eclipses all others in importance: claims. In terms of importance, claims is the biggie. It tells a story about whether or not an insurer can and will keep its promises and take care of its customers during a time of crisis. And the whole experience can be improved with digital capabilities.

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