Is Your Distribution Management Operation Optimized for Reach and Growth?

Are you where you need to be to drive
growth and reach? Majesco Distribution Management and our digital solutions
can accelerate where you need to be
to lead the competition.

Drive more business through new simpler and streamlined processes

While agents and brokers remain a dominant channel, new channels, such as marketplaces and embedded insurance, are gaining a lot of attention and traction, accelerating the industry move to a multi-channel approach. Growth and reach require technology investments in distribution technologies focused on next-generation SaaS distribution management, digital and data solutions that can move beyond just automation to optimized distribution management operations that support growth in existing channels and innovation in new changes, with onboarding, licensing, channel management, compensation management, and reporting.

With Majesco Distribution Management you can:

  • Make it easy for agents and brokers as well as other distribution channels to do business with you. 
  • Rapidly add and onboard new channels and distributors to expand reach and drive growth.
  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry with integrated data from NIPR, ensuring channel compliance. No need for manual intervention and no hassles.
  • Optimize and expand channels with unlimited hierarchies.
  • Offer competitive compensation and incentive options to ensure your “top shelf” position.
  • Proactively manage your business with automated reporting. Tie measurable outcomes to distribution strategies and incentivize channels based on performance and target markets.
  • Optimize your distribution operation with automation and advanced capabilities driven by event-based triggers and real-time integrations. 
  • Quickly create a PDB Dashboard to manage NIPR subscription and PDB Alerts and automate actions for your distribution channels.
  • Provide your channels with a digital self-service portal to help them onboard and manage their business.

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Seismographic and Technology Shifts Reshape the Distributor-Carrier Relationship

“If a carrier wants to fully exploit the potential of its various channels, they must think very differently about distribution management, compensation, and segmentation. Distribution management platforms must continue to evolve to enable insurers to manage their distribution force with increasing sophistication.”

Karlyn Carnahan, head of Celent’s North American Property Casualty practice

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