Thought Leadership

Rethinking Auto Insurance

From a 120-Year-Old Policy Transaction to A Next-Gen Mobility Customer Experience

The industry status quo for auto insurance is rapidly eroding. It is being redefined by a growing number of influences and is upending decades of business assumptions. To be a market leader in the future, insurers need to transition from providing an auto policy to creating a next-gen mobility experience.

Our latest report, Rethinking Auto Insurance: From a Transactional Relationship to a Mobility Customer Experience, uncovers new market opportunities for industry leaders willing to reimagine insurance and participate in broader mobility ecosystems.

Read this report to better understand:

  • Customer, technology and market boundary changes that are affecting traditional auto insurance
  • Generational differences on transportation, mobility preferences, services desired and product expectations
  • The importance of changing from an age-old auto insurance transaction to a broader mobility experience