The Dawn of Intelligent Core Insurance Software – Embedded Advanced Analytics: AI/ML Models, NLP and ChatGPT

A rapidly intensifying arms race with advanced data and analytics is poised to reposition Leaders in the insurance industry with first movers defining the pace of change and innovation.   Combining advanced analytics with human intelligence to enhance and amplify human abilities from answering quick questions to decision-making add value across the insurance organization from the front to middle and back office and from cost optimization to revenue generation, enhanced decision-making, talent acquisition and retention, and more.  

Business leaders must aggressively seek operational synergies and effectiveness before the wave of retirements that is going to result in loss of intellectual knowledge and operational expertise. If insurers reshape the business model and technology foundation, they will rekindle user engagement. Moving the business to next-gen cloud intelligent core platforms is crucial to achieve real optimization.Moving to intelligent native cloud core platforms with embedded technologies like APIs, data, and advanced analytics, microservices, and digital, will drive down operational costs and increase premium growth…bending the cost curve and creating competitive differentiation.

The possibilities are limitless! The applicability of advanced analytics and GPT can bring efficiency to the operation, supporting new employees as they rapidly acquire expertise with your advanced technology. Instead of reading all the detailed documentation, FAQs, and support conversations, a GPT-powered chatbot can enable staff to do their jobs, while learning in the process. They receive the satisfaction of stretching their minds and focusing on more complex areas. Your organization meets the future as a tech-savvy market leader.

Elevating your business operation with a next-gen, intelligent technology foundation is now a must-have to compete in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

Hear from these leading experts what is driving this accelerated change and how next-gen cloud insurance core solutions are ripe for embedding these capabilities. Hear and see how Majesco Intelligent Core Suite for P&C and L&AH are leading in the adoption of embedded analytics to help the industry and customers drive operational efficiencies, innovation and profitable growth.  


Martina Conlon – Head of Insurance Insights
Pat Davis – GM of Data and Analytics for Majesco
Denise Garth – Chief Strategy Officer for Majesco