State PFML Comparisons and Prospects for a Federal Solution

Understanding statutory paid family leave (PFL) and paid family and medical leave (PFML) mandates — which continue to evolve and proliferate around the country — is no easy task. Legal requirements often vary dramatically from one jurisdiction to the next, making one-size-fits-all policies impractical and often ineffective.

To help you better understand the paid leave landscape, we will examine the existing PFL and PFML mandates. We will compare each mandate across select core topics such as the length of benefits, amount of pay provided to employees, funding mechanisms, covered reasons for use, and more. In addition, this session will provide information about private plan options under existing PFL/PFML laws and thoughts on federal paid family and medical leave prospects in 2023.

Lynne Sousa, Senior Absence Management and Compliance Counsel at Majesco
Joshua Seidman, Labor and Employment Partner at Seyfarth Shaw