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Speed of Operations: From Legacy to Next Gen Core in Months

Speed of Operations: From Legacy to Next Gen Core in Months

November 20, 2019

It is a time of disruption and change – technological revolution, fast-changing customer needs and expectations, and shifts to an on-demand, sharing, Gig and platform economy.  Some insurance leaders are aggressively responding, while others are struggling.  To navigate successfully to the future of insurance, insurers must modernize their existing business by replacing  legacy systems in a private or public cloud to keep and grow today’s business.

Rather than holding onto decades of operational tradition built into legacy core systems, insurers are embarking on a journey from being a successful legacy player to a successful digital insurer.  Making a “safe” transition and shifting their technological and administrative weight requires strong planning and execution to deliver speed of operations that modernizes and optimizes the business using modern cloud and API-based core insurance platform in months vs. years.

During this webinar you will hear from Norfolk and Dedham and Majesco on how to successfully make the transformation to fuel growth for tomorrow in today’s fast-changing marketplace.


Denise Garth – SVP at Majesco
Erin Cummings – CIO at Norfolk and Dedham
Prateek Kumar – EVP at Majesco